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Pascal Rosier - Acetone - 1L

Price €6.80
Solvent for resins, for cleaning tools and brushes. If the brushes are fully embedded in the resin or elastomer, soak several days in the solvent and then rub them on a metal brush. "Dangerous, respect precautions".

Pascal Rosier - Cutt Glass Fibres - Fiber Cut - 300gr

Price €20.80
The chopped fiberglass is composed of independent fibers, 4mm long, to make mastics, reinforced resins, laminates in inaccessible parts. Also used to strengthen the cast. It is also very useful for adhering one material to another, for example polyurethane foam on the laminate. Sprinkle the...

Pascal Rosier - Gasoline C - 1L

Price €5.60
Solvent for silicone rtv, for cleaning tools and brushes. Also used to polish wax objects. Gasoline C is recommended for the silicone elastomer. "Dangerous, respect the precautions for use".

Pascal Rosier - Plastered Strips / Bands - 3m x 10cm - Bag of 2

Price €7.40
The setting is fast, demolding: 15 minutes. Highly plastered, special for molding the body, the support fiber is completely embedded, accurate fingerprints. After immersion for a few seconds, the band imbibes homogeneously and the plaster can be modeled. The solidity is excellent even in small...

Pascal Rosier - Polyvinyl Alcohol - 100ml

Price €11.80
Vinyl solution in alcohol, this product serves as a filler and release agent with high anti-adherence properties for polyester resins. This product is also used in the case of molding with silicone rtv on porous substrates (ceramic, wood, stone). It forms a transparent film that is transferred...