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Mediums, Varnishes & Glues

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LUKAS - Masking Fluid - 50ml

Price €5.20
Medium for temporary covering of (watercolour) - paper. Note: pre-test necessary, since for this technique not all papers are suitable! Natural latex dispersion, additives.

Cléopâtre - 'Cléocol' - Strong & Neutral PH Glue - 100gr

Price €3.95
Made originally in the 1930s for binding and framing work. Cléocol is a white, pH neutral, polyvinyl glue. Faster and more powerful than vinyl glues, it does not crinkle the paper and sticks to all porous materials. It is currently used for activities such as cardboard work, binding, cardboard...

Montana Colors - MTN PRO - Contact Adhesive - 400ml

Price €12.00
MTN PRO Contact Adhesive is a film forming aerosol product that possesses immediate, highly adhesive properties. Formulated from adhesive resin mixed with aliphatic solvents, it provides strong adhesion. In addition, its valve system comes with a cap that is adjustable to 3 positions, making...

SENNELIER - Mastic Gum Tears - 100g Jar

Price €58.00
A natural resin that is diluted by prolonged shaking in Turpentine. This gum is used for making varnishes and mediums. Solution requires straining after preparation. Mix to 35% in solvent. 100g jar.