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LUKAS - Painting Knives

Price €3.60
Painting knives. Sizes : from 2 to 9 cm. Shapes : pointed, tapered, round and angular. Product Size Shape Picture 5559 5 cm Pointed   5560 7 cm Tapered...

Zahn - Rouge Brush - PB 898 - Squirrel Hair

Price €18.00
Zahn - Rouge Brush - PB 898 - Squirrel Hair Rouge brush in best quality for professional use. Very exclusive blue squirrel hair. Super soft, with an elegant touch, perfect for the application of loose powder and rouge. Oval, 22mm.

LUKAS - Goldtoray - Acrylic, Gouache & Oil

Starting at Price €0.90
Goldtoray : Synthetic, gold-yellow fibre. Even fibre diameter (0,10mm). Good elasticity. Ideal for thin / liquid colours (gouache, acrylics) and hobby painting (sponge effect). 5409 - Oil, Acrylic & Gouache...

The Masters - Brush Cleaner and Preserver - 95ml

Price €12.90
A cleaning product that clean, maintain and protect brushes without toxic chemicals. To preserve and maintain their own painting tools is one of the main concerns of the artists today. It is sometimes difficult to clean the hand or some clothes without using toxic or abrasive products. GENERAL...

TULIP - Fabric Paintbrushes - Flat Brush Set - Set of 3

Price €9.90
Tulip® Fabric Paintbrushes™ were chosen by a craft designer research group based upon frequency of usage and how well they perform using paints, dyes and other mediums. Can be used with any Tulip® paints, dyes and glue products on all types of fabrics. Multi Round Brush 5pk: No....