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FM Brush - Dynasty® - Faux Squirrel - Synthetic Fibers

Starting at Price €2.30
Faux Squirrel - Exclusive soft touch silver handle. Applications : Acrylic and watercolor paints. Faux Squirrel's synthetic fibers host as much color as a squirrel brush allowing for an even flow of paint. It will continue to hold its shape and will show for less wear over time....

FM Brush - Dynasty® - QUILLS - Brushes for Watercolor

Starting at Price €5.40
Dynasty® Quills - Made in the Old Tradition. Applications : Watercolor paints. Dynasty Quill brushes are available in the following series and sizes : Quill Series 303 - Pure Squirrel Hair : Made in the old tradition, carefully crafted and cupped by skilled brush makers....

FM Brush - Dynasty® - Micron - Mini-Brushes for Details

Starting at Price €4.30
Micron by Dynasty® - For Your Most Detailed Work - Affordable and Durable Mini-Art Brushes. Applications : All paint mediums... The Micron by Dynasty® Series allows you to bring to life your most detailed art work. Each brush can be used to achieve a high level of detail in your...

FM Brush - Dynasty® - Gold Taklon

Starting at Price €1.50
Gold Taklon Seamless Nickel Plated. Brass Ferrules. Short Black Lacquered Handles. Applications : Oil, Acrylic & Tempera Painting. SC 361S - Gold Taklon - Script : Size 15/0 5/0 1 Price...

MILAN - Wide Brush - Premium Synthetic - Serie 631 - 40, 50 & 70

Starting at Price €5.90
The use of synthetic filament made from polyester fibres produces very smooth and resilient paint bushes. Premium Synthetic wide brushes are used for backgrounds and priming using any type of pictorial technique. Fine arts, watercolour, water-based techniques, oil painting and acrylics......

Raphaël - Squirrel - 838 - Water Color & Gouache

Starting at Price €5.20
Squirrel hairs are the finest natural bristles that can be found, to make a finebrush and offer unsurpassed capillarity. Ideal for very long brushstrokes on paper, without having to return to the palette of colours. The tuft spontaneously gathers together and forms a point, as if by magic....

Da Vinci - PINSTRIPING - Series 703 - Sword Striper

Starting at Price €17.00
BRUSHES FOR PINSTRIPING SQUIRREL IMITATION (SYNTHETIC FIBRE) : Sword Striper - Series 703 : Sword striper. Squirrel imitation (synthetic fibre). In brass ferrule. Black handles. Sizes n°0 and n°1. Technic : pinstriping / lettering. Material : squirrel...