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FM Brush - Dynasty® - Faux Squirrel - Synthetic Fibers

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Faux Squirrel - Exclusive soft touch silver handle. Applications : Acrylic and watercolor paints. Faux Squirrel's synthetic fibers host as much color as a squirrel brush allowing for an even flow of paint. It will continue to hold its shape and will show for less wear over time....

FM Brush - Dynasty® - QUILLS - Brushes for Watercolor

Starting at Price €7.90
Dynasty® Quills - Made in the Old Tradition. Applications : Watercolor paints. Dynasty Quill brushes are available in the following series and sizes : Quill Series 303 - Pure Squirrel Hair : Made in the old tradition, carefully crafted and cupped by skilled brush makers....

FM Brush - Dynasty® - Gold Taklon

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Gold Taklon Seamless Nickel Plated. Brass Ferrules. Short Black Lacquered Handles. Applications : Oil, Acrylic & Tempera Painting. SC 361S - Gold Taklon - Script : Size 15/0 5/0 1 Price...

Raphaël - Squirrel - 838 - Water Color & Gouache

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Squirrel hairs are the finest natural bristles that can be found, to make a finebrush and offer unsurpassed capillarity. Ideal for very long brushstrokes on paper, without having to return to the palette of colours. The tuft spontaneously gathers together and forms a point, as if by magic....

Da Vinci - PINSTRIPING - Series 703 - Sword Striper

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BRUSHES FOR PINSTRIPING SQUIRREL IMITATION (SYNTHETIC FIBRE) : Sword Striper - Series 703 : Sword striper. Squirrel imitation (synthetic fibre). In brass ferrule. Black handles. Sizes n°0 and n°1. Technic : pinstriping / lettering. Material : squirrel...

Da Vinci - PINSTRIPING - Series 700 - Sword Striper

Starting at Price €19.00
BRUSHES FOR PINSTRIPING FROM NATURAL HAIR : Sword Striper - Series 700 : Sword striper Kazan. Squirrel hair. In brass ferrule. Cedar imitation handles. Sizes n°0 and n°4. Technic : pinstriping / lettering. Material : Kazan squirrel. Brush title : sword...

Da Vinci - JUNIOR JUMBO - Series 304 - JUNIOR Synthetics

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JUNIOR JUMBO : The proven synthetic brush generation for school whose main features are : The stable - almost indestructible brush-head with a really fine tip or painting edge. NO ANNOYING HAIR LOSS ! Rust-resisting ferrules - we use stainless, polished aluminium. Handles...