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Conté à Paris - Pencil Sketch - Pierre Noire

Price €2.90
The Conté "Pierre Noire" pencil is a soft lead with a black that is dense, deep, indelible and matt. It is much appreciated for its use on all types of supports : sketch pad, kraft paper, linen canvas... Use : With a sharpened lead, the drawing is lively and accurate. With a...

Cretacolor - Karmina - Classic Colored Pencils for Artists

Price €1.20
These highly lightfast, permanent artists color pencils have soft, richly-pigmented leads which produce bold, vibrant color tones. They are ideal for applying various techniques, e.g. superimposing, hatching, frottage, blending and combining with other media, etc. Intense and vibrant...

STAEDTLER - Karat Aquarell - Watercolour Pencils

Price €0.95
High-quality watercolour pencil. For a wide range of creative effects when colouring, drawing or watercolouring with water and brush. 60 brilliant, lightfast colours. Excellent blending quality. Break-resistant lead. Smooth, colour-intensive performance. Watercolour...