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STAEDTLER - Karat Aquarell - Watercolour Pencils

Price €0.95
High-quality watercolour pencil. For a wide range of creative effects when colouring, drawing or watercolouring with water and brush. 60 brilliant, lightfast colours. Excellent blending quality. Break-resistant lead. Smooth, colour-intensive performance. Watercolour...

Cretacolor - 6 x Art Sticks - Nero - Extra Soft

Price €8.70
Whether you prefer working with sepia, sanguine or Nero, these classic artists’ sticks guarantee a top quality, intensely rich stroke thanks to their high degree of pigmentation. They are extremely well suited not only for sketching and drawing but also for experimenting with new techniques and...

Conté à Paris - Pencil Sketch - Pierre Noire

Price €2.90
The Conté "Pierre Noire" pencil is a soft lead with a black that is dense, deep, indelible and matt. It is much appreciated for its use on all types of supports : sketch pad, kraft paper, linen canvas... Use : With a sharpened lead, the drawing is lively and accurate. With a...