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GIOTTO - Patplume - Modelling Dough - Pack of 10 x 50g

Price €9.80
Small ideas take on great form with Giotto Patplume! It's the latest generation of plasticine, soft and easy to work, ideal for kindergartens and younger primary school children. Gluten-free, it can also be used in complete safety by coeliac sufferers. Ideal for making small objects, the...

Creat'AIRPLAC - Balsa - Wood - Sheets

Starting at Price €4.70
Characteristics : The lightest wood in the world, Ochroma Lagopus a.k.a BALSA grows and reaches a height of 18 to 20 meters for a diameter of 50 to 60 cm in 5 or 6 years under an altitude of 700 meters. Produced in tropical America, Amazonia, Ecuador, the wood is then converted in...

NIDART - Roll for Linocut - 10cm

Price €7.90
Rubber ink rollers for linocuts, with ergonomic handle and metal frame. They provide uniform inking for engravings on linoleum or wood. Available in two widths. Diameter 2,6cm.
Cléopâtre - WePam - Cold Porcelain - Polymer Clay - 500GR

Cléopâtre - WePam - Cold Porcelain - Polymer Clay - 500GR

Price €12.80
Easy and pleasant to use, WePAM is a molding paste ready to use. Store it in its box with an hermetic lid to keep its humidity level. You do not need to bake it, it will naturally air-dry. Its easiness and flexibility will let you create any kind of objects with the technic you...