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LUKAS - Painting Knives

Price €3.60
Painting knives. Sizes : from 2 to 9 cm. Shapes : pointed, tapered, round and angular. Product Size Shape Picture 5559 5 cm Pointed   5560 7 cm Tapered...

Harder & Steenbeck - Airbrush - Airbrush Starter Set

Price €249.00
The Airbrush Starter Set is the compact and inexpensive solution for all airbrushers who want to work on the move or on small areas. For artists, model builders or makeup artists, the set is available as a basic set with pro-color paints for all surfaces, or as a "Body Edition" with pro-color...

EURO-TEC - 10A - Compressor

Price €397.00
EURO-TEC - Compressors Euro-Tec compressors are extremely powerful, with a suction capacity of up to 50 litres. The instruments are mainly equipped with air tanks. This enables them to provide an air pressure of up to 8 bar. Euro-Tec compressors are oil-powered and, with a noise...

STAEDTLER - Mars® - Set Squares - 45° - 26cm

Price €2.95
Our strong and durable quality set squares are made from transparent light blue plastic and are ideal for students ! With inking edge. Scale begins directly at the edge. Plastic, transparent blue. For 45° set square, the length of the hypotenuse is indicated. For 60° set...