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Duncan - Color Burst Crystal Chips - Crystals - 56g

Price €12.00
Duncan® Color Burst Crystal Chips will make your ceramic art projects explode with an eruption of color! Available in a popular array of colors and various sized chips, Color Burst Crystal Chips can be mixed with any of your favorite glazes or placed where desired when the glaze is wet to create...

Esprit Composite - White Meudon - Kaolin Powder - 750gr

Price €6.90
Meudon white (also called Kaolin, Toulouse white, Troyes white, Champagne white, white marl, chalk white) is a white chalk, taken from the quarries of Meudon, near Paris, France. It is mainly composed of calcium carbonate (90%) and clay. In the pigment nomenclature it is titled PW18....

Duncan - Patch-A-Tatch - Ceramic Cement - 4OZ

Price €6.95
Don’t let the broken bisque blues get you down – think fast with Duncan® Patch-A-Tatch® ! This quality ceramic cement is used to attach or repair greenware or bisque, so it’s easy to see why most ceramists consider Patch-A-Tatch an essential product for ceramics. Save your piece – and your...

Duncan - OG801 - Bright Gold - 2GM

Price €38.00
Go for gold with Duncan's Precious Metals! Apply over fired glaze to add brilliant gold accents that’ll make your project look like a million bucks! One coat of Precious Metals offers opaque coverage. Apply over gloss glazes for a shiny sheen or matte glazes for a subtle luster....