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LUKAS - Pastel Primer - 2288 - 250ml

Price €13.50
Light grey acrylic paste. Dries to a grey, fine-grained coarse film with ideal adhesion properties. Mixable with acrylics. Suitable for various techniques such as pastel, chalk, water-colours, acrylics and gouache. 250ml.

Esprit Composite - White Meudon - Kaolin Powder - 750gr

Price €6.90
Meudon white (also called Kaolin, Toulouse white, Troyes white, Champagne white, white marl, chalk white) is a white chalk, taken from the quarries of Meudon, near Paris, France. It is mainly composed of calcium carbonate (90%) and clay. In the pigment nomenclature it is titled PW18....