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LUKAS - Gel Retarder - 2236 - 125ml

Price €7.80
Use this additive to increase the open (drying) time of acrylic paints. It is useful for "wet-in-wet" techniques. The more drying retarder used, the more the transparency of colours is increased. 125ml.

Lefranc & Bourgeois - 3D Volume Effect Gel - Matte - 120ml

Price €7.95
To create textures in a matte rendering. Very thick gel. It increases the dullness of the acrylic color. Can be used alone for bonding in integrating materials or mixed in all proportions with acrylic paints to thicken them. It will give effects of dense and rigid volumes...

LUKAS - String Gel - Acrylic - 125ml

Price €9.50
Milky-white acrylic gel with a heavy-body consistency for string-like application; extreme viscosity facilitates controlled 'dropping of fibres' onto the surface; dries to glass-clear gloss; can be mixed with acrylics or can be over painted when dry synthetic resin dispersion (pure acrylate),...