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LUKAS - Goldtoray - Acrylic, Gouache & Oil

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Goldtoray : Synthetic, gold-yellow fibre. Even fibre diameter (0,10mm). Good elasticity. Ideal for thin / liquid colours (gouache, acrylics) and hobby painting (sponge effect). 5409 - Oil, Acrylic & Gouache...

LUKAS - Ponex - Gouache

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Ponex : Good quality synthetic brush for school applications. Perfect replacement for Pony hair brushes (better tip, higher elasticity, same price level). 5453 - Gouache Ponex-hair (School Quality). Round with fine point. Metal ferrule. Short, natural lacquered...

LUKAS - Brislon - Acrylic & Oil

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Brislon : Professional Oil / Acrylic brush made of a new synthetic bristle. Characterised by small artificial flags on the very fine tops. Longer durable than natural bistle. High elasticity, no rapid wear of the brush. 5470 - Oil & Acrylic Brislon synthetic...