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DREMEL® 4000 - Set of 45 Accessories

Price €198.00
Multi-Tool - Strong - Dynamic - Maximum control. This kit includes the high performance 4000 Multi-Tool, with innovative features like the EZ Twist nose cap, electronic feedback, collet lock out function and an RPM bandwidth of 5000 to 35000. Additionally the kit includes the...

DREMEL® 8100 - Set of 15 Accessories

Price €189.00
Multi-Tool - Cordless - Versatile - Always ready. The Dremel 8100 tool kit includes a 1-hour Li-ion battery charger, the Dremel Detailer's Grip attachment and 15 genuine Dremel accessories. All these items are packed in a convenient soft bag. Take your tool anywhere. The best...

DREMEL® VERSATIP - Butane Soldering Iron

Price €86.00
The cordless 6-in-1 gas-torch for hot cutting, pyrography and more. One tool for 6 different applications: soldering, melting, hot cutting, shrinking, woodburning (pyrography) and paint removal. Always ready to use. Use anywhere anytime. Allows for detailed and intricate work....