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A1 Active Composite - High Shear Mixing Blades - 35mm

Price €29.00
The High Shear Mixer is the ideal tool to use when mixing A1. The mixer is available in two sizes (35mm and 65mm) and can be attached to a drilling machine. The mixer has been developed specifically to ensure that A1 Power and A1 Liquid are mixed together properly. Clean the mixer with water...

Cléopâtre - Color'Résine - Colorant for Resin - 15gr

Price €6.40
Our Color'Resin is compatible with each of our resins and all the colors are miscibles. Very powerful: one drop is enough to color 10ml of resin and it is easy to measure with the drop counter cork. As a bonus: let the magical colors mixed together for a surprising effect.

Cléopâtre - Resin'Pad - Silicone Work Pad

Price €19.80
Résin'Pad is an innovating silicone pad to protect your working area when using resin. Multifunctional, you can realize glazes safely or apply resin glazes or apply resin on ring holders. It also contains several mold cavities. You can attached together several Resin'Pads...