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JOLLY - 24 SUPERSTICKS CLASSIC - Colouring Pencils

Price €14.90
The best colored pencil by JOLLY. Bright colors. Unbreakable. 24 pencils in a metal box. Colours : white, light yellow, dark yellow, orange, vermilion, cherry red, crimson, cyclamen, pink, flesh pink, violet, light blue, ultramarine, dark blue, light green, turquoise, emerald...

JOLLY - 6 SUPERSTICKS X-BIG - Colour Pencils

Price €4.99
X-BIG, the big pencil for little artists. This thick pencil is especially suitable for beginners with its soft and durable lead. The tried and tested Jolly leads in their bright, strong colours are a guarantee for long-lasting quality. Extra thick pencils. Extra thick durable...