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C.KREUL - Hobby Line - DecoPen Glitter Marker - 1 to 3 mm

Price €3.90
The perfect universal pen for numerous creative possibilities with glamorous gloss and glitter effect. For designing, writing and decorating. For almost all surfaces, e.g. on cardboard, paper, stone… Tip: for the perfect appearance on wood, we recommend first applying a base, for...

Pébéo - CERAMIC - 45ml

Price €5.99
IMMERSE IN HISTORY! Since ancient times, civilized man has always liked to use ceramics to decorate objects and tell their history. The 28 colours of Ceramic will enable you to create wonderful decorative effects on terracotta, ceramics or pottery, it's your turn to tell your story.

Pébéo - Vitrail - 45ml

Price €5.99
THE IMPOSING BEAUTY OF THE STAINED GLASS - RIGHT AT YOUR REACH. You've always loved stained glass... Why not make it yourself? With its Vitrail transparent colours, Pebeo makes this splendid art accessible to all. You can easily imitate the lead strips of stained glass windows using self...

Pébéo - Cerne Relief - Outliner - 20ml

Price €4.95
The "Cerne Relief" Outliners are used directly from the tube to design outline shapes and motifs before "filling in" with Vitrail to imitate stained glass perfectly. Apply directly from the tube onto a clean surface. Clean with water. Quality :  Water-based paste in 20ml tube with nozzle....

DIAM'S 3D - 3D Acrylic Paint - 37ml

Price €4.70
DIAM'S 3D paint is the perfect product to customize clothes and accessories, for home decoration and scrapbooking. DIAM'S 3D paint can be used on fabric, paper, wood, metal, cardboard, plastic or terra cotta... DIAM'S 3D paint can be applied straight from the tube to any surface...

Lefranc & Bourgeois - Cern'Colors VITRAIL - 20ml

Price €4.95
The outliner is used to create contours that imitate the lead of stained glass windows. Outliner colours can be used to set creations, making them stand out by imitating the lead used on old stained glass windows. Its tube with an applicator nozzle and its viscosity means that this product can...