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NIDART - Plastic Pallet - Rectangular - 12x25cm

Price €4.70
Basic plastic palette ideal for watercolors: a first lid that can be used for blends is folded over 18 compartments. A second lid closes the pallet. A hole for the thumb offers the same comfort as with large pallets. Dimensions: 25.50*12.50cm.

NIDART - Resealable Pallet with Lid - Acryl-A-Miser - 23 x 32cm

Price €32.80
It is possible to store up to 21 acrylic color mixes and store for a dozen days. Just place a damp sponge in the pallet. When the colors have dried, simply pull the film that has been shaped to clean it. Acryl-A-Miser allows you to organize your work thanks to its numerous removable lockers:...