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DIAM'S 3D - 3D Acrylic Paint - 37ml

Price €4.70
DIAM'S 3D paint is the perfect product to customize clothes and accessories, for home decoration and scrapbooking. DIAM'S 3D paint can be used on fabric, paper, wood, metal, cardboard, plastic or terra cotta... DIAM'S 3D paint can be applied straight from the tube to any surface...

Pébéo - Cerne Relief - Outliner - 20ml

Price €4.95
The "Cerne Relief" Outliners are used directly from the tube to design outline shapes and motifs before "filling in" with Vitrail to imitate stained glass perfectly. Apply directly from the tube onto a clean surface. Clean with water. Quality :  Water-based paste in 20ml tube with nozzle....