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Polyphane - Self-Adhesive Rigid PVC Film (300 µm)

Price €16.00
The self-adhesive white rigid PVC film with a matt surface has a high stability and is perfectly suitable for producing lamp shades. The film is 300 µm thick and has a paper liner. Application : Production of Lamp Shades and fairy lights. Creative craft application such as...

Global Solutions - Sealing Wax / Seal / Ink Kit - "Bee"

Price €16.95
How to make an impression Seal : Trim wick so it is flush with wax. Using a lighter, soften wax for 10 seconds. Gently push wick onto paper so a small amount of wax gets on the wick. Relight Wax : Drip 10-15 drips into a pool. Push the lit end of the wax stick directly into the pool...

Diam's - PLASTIQUE FOU - 7 Sheets - "Cristal"

Price €9.00
The "Plastique Fou" : What's it ?! This magical plastic shrinks and thickened up to 7 times after switching the oven! Draw on the entire sheet, then watch your creation under the effect of heat: she twists in all directions before solidifying and become flat. The different models of...

MEYCO - Candle Wick - 100% Cotton

Price €1.70
Candle Wick. 100% Cotton. Lenght: 2m. Thickness: 60mm. Black end is the top of the wick. If you cut the wick please mark this side again. Soak the wick in fluid wax before pouring the wax into the candle mould.