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Polyphane - Self-Adhesive Rigid PVC Film (300 µm)

Price €16.00
The self-adhesive white rigid PVC film with a matt surface has a high stability and is perfectly suitable for producing lamp shades. The film is 300 µm thick and has a paper liner. Application : Production of Lamp Shades and fairy lights. Creative craft application such as...

Global Solutions - Sealing Wax / Seal / Ink Kit - "Bee"

Price €16.95
How to make an impression Seal : Trim wick so it is flush with wax. Using a lighter, soften wax for 10 seconds. Gently push wick onto paper so a small amount of wax gets on the wick. Relight Wax : Drip 10-15 drips into a pool. Push the lit end of the wax stick directly into the pool...