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Cretacolor - Aqua Brique - Set of 10 - Metal Box

Price €22.90
Aqua Brique Watercolours in solid blocks, with expanding sponge! It's not just the rich colours and their brilliance that make Cretacolor's Aqua Brique so impressive; thanks to the versatile methods of application, these paints are real all-round colours, used as chalks, as watercolours, as...

SENNELIER - Watercolour - Travel Box of 24 Half-Pans

Price €42.00
“La Petite Aquarelle” is the little sister of “L’Aquarelle”, the Sennelier professional watercolour range, and is a colourful, fine quality watercolour manufactured in France. The pigments have been specifically selected for their miscibility and the binding agent is reinforced with glycerin and...