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Cretacolor - Aqua Brique - Set of 10 - Metal Box

Price €22.90
Aqua Brique Watercolours in solid blocks, with expanding sponge! It's not just the rich colours and their brilliance that make Cretacolor's Aqua Brique so impressive; thanks to the versatile methods of application, these paints are real all-round colours, used as chalks, as watercolours, as...

Winsor & Newton - Cotman Water Colour - BLUE BOX - 12 Half Pans

Price €39.00
This lightweight dark blue metal box contains 12 assorted Cotman Water Colour half pans with space for an additional 12 colours. Each of the 12 assorted colours has been chosen in conjunction with each other, for a colour range that allows the cleanest mixing of the whole colour spectrum. The...

SENNELIER - Watercolour - Travel Box of 24 Half-Pans

Price €39.80
“La Petite Aquarelle” is the little sister of “L’Aquarelle”, the Sennelier professional watercolour range, and is a colourful, fine quality watercolour manufactured in France. The pigments have been specifically selected for their miscibility and the binding agent is reinforced with glycerin and...