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STAEDTLER - FIMO® Accessory - Bead Piercing Pins

Price €7.80
FIMO bead piercing pins. Perfect for piercing non hardened FIMO beads without deforming them to get them ready for stringing after oven-hardening. Indispensable for jewellery chains manufacturing. Made of metal, sharpened one side, 25 x Ø0.8mm and 25 x Ø1.7mm. 90mm long. Also...

STAEDTLER - FIMO® Accessory - Grind'n Polish Set

Price €7.90
Grind'n polish set including three sanding sponges for wet sanding and smoothing surfaces of hardened FIMO : "fine" / "super-fine" / "micro-fine". Ideal for grinding of round and curved FIMO objects, due to the conformable foam plate. Easy to cut for different applications. Easy to...

Sculpey - Clay Extruder Gun

Price €19.60
This indispensable tool has 19 interchangeable discs for making leaves, clovers, rope, braid, bricks, tubes, grass, hair and more. Made from top quality die-cast steel, this extruding tool provides a simple way to add attractive textural details to your polymer clay projects. The...