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Conté à Paris - Pencil Sketch - Pierre Noire

Price €2.90
The Conté "Pierre Noire" pencil is a soft lead with a black that is dense, deep, indelible and matt. It is much appreciated for its use on all types of supports : sketch pad, kraft paper, linen canvas... Use : With a sharpened lead, the drawing is lively and accurate. With a...

Cretacolor - Nero Stick

Starting at Price €1.45
The Nero Stick produces a very shiny, smudge-proof black stroke. Due to its oily content, it is also water resistant. Its shape lends itself to large-area drawing. Size 7 x 7 mm, length 72 mm. By unit or 12 pieces in cardboard box.

Conté à Paris - Pencil Sketch - Charcoal

Price €2.90
The Conté "Charcoal" pencil gives a clean, dense finish of an intense black. Its specialy charcateristic is that it does not break, making it easy to transport. Its advantage is that it blends perfectly with the iron red and sepia penscils. Recommanded for sketching long or rapid poses....