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Montana Colors - MTN PRO - Canvas Varnish - Glossy - 400ml

Price €12.00
MTN PRO Canvas Varnish is a varnish spray that is used as a final coat to protect oil and acrylic paints against moisture, grease, dust and contamination, allowing the work to maintain its properties without yellowing or cracking. Dries very fast through evaporation. Good hardening properties....

SENNELIER - Watercolor Varnish - 75ml Bottle

Price €9.40
Based on colorless and non-yellowing synthetic resins. This light varnish can be applied with a spray bottle or a brush: it brightens and protects Watercolors from dust without changing the appearance of the support. Thinner: alcohol.

SENNELIER - Gloss Painting Varnish - 75ml Jar

Price €9.40
A classic in the same manner as the matte and satin. Synthetic resin based final varnish. Completely colorless. Rapid drying. Gives a resistant film, but is difficult to reverse. Only apply to completely dry paint. Thinner: Rectified Turpentine spirit. 75ml Jar.