Chewing Paper / Wood

Chewing Paper / Wood

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DAS - Paper-Mache - Powder - 1kg Pack

Price €16.95
Creative modelling with DAS Papier-mâché. A world of creativity. From masks to set design, let loose your imagination any create anything you want with DAS Papier-mâché! The cellulose-based, wood powder mix just needs water to make a paste, and is very easy to work. It is an ideal substitute for...

Nerchau - Paper-Mache - Modelling Medium - 200g

Price €5.20
Paper-Mache. 200g bag in fine carton. Very fine modelling medium giving particularly detailed working plasticity. Dries very quickly without cracking. Finished item is extremely light and virtually unbreakable. For puppets, hand, stick and other dolls, figurines, masks...