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Winsor & Newton - Liquin Impasto Medium - 60ml

Price €14.00
A quick drying, semi-gloss medium which thickens slowly & extends tube colour retaining crisp textures & brush marks without any visible leveling. Speeds drying (touch dry in 1-6 days depending on colour & film thickness). Resists yellowing. Not suitable as a varnish or...

LUKAS - Medium No. 5 - Painting Butter for Oil - 750ml

Price €34.80
A slightly yellowish medium for making quick drying, highly elastic, pasty alkyd resin oil colours. Dries like 'pure' oil colour. Insoluble in turpentine. Avoids cracking. Close well after use. Note: Paintings that are stored for long periods in the dark may show some slight yellowing especially...

SENNELIER - Veronese Medium - 40ml Tube

Price €9.80
This medium allows you to work finish by finish quickly by avoiding mixing with colors on lower layers. Paste medium, based on beeswax, which provides a uniform matte finish. Ideal for «alla prima» studies, large pieces and exterior work due to the rapid setting of impastos, the ease of carrying...

SENNELIER - Turner Transparent Medium - 40ml Tube

Price €9.90
Very transparent gel medium. Used for glazing and the finish. Completely clear vegetable oil based medium, gives transparency and lightness to the finish. It does not have a noticeable impact on drying time and retains the color's form and satin finish. Thinner: Rectified Turpentine spirit. 40ml...