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STAEDTLER - Mars® - French Curves - 571 40 WP

Price €7.90
Our strong and durable quality French curves come in a set of 3 shapes and are ideal for students ! 3 shapes A, B, C. With inking edge. Plastic, transparent blue. Ideal for students drawing smooth curves of varying radii. Wallet containing 3 shapes.

STAEDTLER - Mars® - Aluminium Rulers - 30cm

Price €3.50
Tough and durable lightweight aluminum ruler. Rubber back prevents ruler sliding from working surface. For smear-free ink ruling. Centimetre and milimetre calibrations. Supplied in a protective sleeve. 30cm. Size Price 30 cm...

STAEDTLER - Mars® Plastic - Premium Quality Eraser

Price €0.90
Premium quality for first-class erasing performance. Minimal crumbling. Protective cellophane wrapper with practical tear-and-open strip. Sliding sleeve for convenient handling. Phthalate and latex free. Absolutely age-resistant. Efficient production "Made in Germany"....

STAEDTLER - Mars® - Set Squares - 45° - 26cm

Price €2.95
Our strong and durable quality set squares are made from transparent light blue plastic and are ideal for students ! With inking edge. Scale begins directly at the edge. Plastic, transparent blue. For 45° set square, the length of the hypotenuse is indicated. For 60° set...

Ki-Sign - HOT FIX - Hot-Fix Fabrics - Glitter - 15 x 20cm

Price €3.90
Hot-Fix Fabrics for decorating : Clothing, Accessories, Objects... Create and cut your design. Place your tissue (design & plastic protection face up). Set your iron at the recommended textile temperature. Press firmly and iron for 20 seconds. Remove the plastic...

Ki-Sign - Small Stencils - 7 x 10cm

Price €2.20
Stencils for temporary tattoo. Adhesive and reusable. Discover all the reasons : flower, tribal, dragon... Most tattoo stencils can also be used for customization of clothing and other textiles. BS-006 BS-007 BS-009...

MILAN - Pencil Sharpener - "Collection"

On sale! Price €2.50
MILAN design sharpener. Item with safety blade. This system prevent the blade separating from the sharpener. Ideal for school use. Carbon steel blade, sharp and resistant. Ideal for graphite pencils and colour pencils.

STAEDTLER - Mars® Basic 559 WP 00 - Compass

Price €4.90
Precision compass with friction head for precise, smooth radius setting. With obtuse-angled safety needle. Max. circle Ø : approx. 340 mm. Length : 128 mm. Wallet containing compass 559 with lead box in plastic wallet. Article number : 559 WP 00.

STAEDTLER - Mars® - Lead Pointer Tub - 502

Price €8.60
Our STAEDTLER lead pointer tub with point cleaner and precision cutting wheel features a high-quality plastic housing and will sharpen your 2mm leadholder pencil leads. Rotary action sharpening for both 2mm graphite and coloured leads. Includes point cleaner, automatic cutting stop....