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STAEDTLER - Elance 421 25 - Ballpoint Pen

Price €2.80
Refillable retractable ballpoint pen. Non-slip grip zone. Metal tip and push-button clip. High quality plastic jumbo refill. Indelible ink conforming to ISO 12757-2. Airplane-safe - automatic pressure equalization prevents pen from leaking on board aircraft. Line width M....

STAEDTLER - Triplus® - Mobile Office - 34 SB4

Price €6.60
Be mobile ! The practical STAEDTLER Triplus Mobile Office comprises : 1 x Triplus Fineliner, black ink. 1 x Triplus Ball, blue ink. 1 x Triplus Micro, line width 0.5mm. 1 x Triplus Textsurfer, fluorescent yellow ink. This set of products in the stand-up STAEDTLER...

PILOT - V-Sign Pen - Felt Pen - Blue - Medium Tip

Price €3.90
The V-Sign Pen is a liquid ink fineliner with a medium tip equipped with a regulator for perfect ink flow. The ink level is visible - so there'll be no more surprises. You will be delighted by the V-Sign Pen's writing smoothness and longevity. Stroke Width: Medium.

PILOT - FriXion Ball - Gel Ink Roller - Blue - Medium Tip

Price €2.90
Write smoothly with the medium-point FriXion Ball, erase by heating with the FriXion eraser without damaging the paper and rewrite immediately. Thanks to a new patented heat-sensitive ink, PILOT has - true to tradition - revolutionised writing with the FriXion Ball. It displays a youthful style...