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Cretacolor - Compressed Charcoal Stick

Starting at Price €1.45
Compressed charcoal produces an even, smooth and intense black stroke. It is made by mixing charcoal and clay, pressing it in a mould and then through burning. 8 mm diameter, 94 mm length.

Conté à Paris - Pencil Sketch - Charcoal

Price €2.90
The Conté "Charcoal" pencil gives a clean, dense finish of an intense black. Its specialy charcateristic is that it does not break, making it easy to transport. Its advantage is that it blends perfectly with the iron red and sepia penscils. Recommanded for sketching long or rapid poses....

Cretacolor - Chunky Charcoal - Extra Large Compressed Charcoal

Price €2.80
Chunky Charcoal is an extra large, round piece of compressed charcoal, which produces a smooth, intense black of exceptional depth and tonality. Its unique size and shape fits comfortably into the artist‘s hand. Perfect for large-scale drawings and sketches. Application of a fixative...