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Pébéo - Porcelaine 150 - Kitchen Oven - 45ml

Price €5.80
A PORCELAIN SUMMER. You know what you'd like to do, Pebeo helps you do it. With Porcelaine 150, you don't have to be a professional artist or even own a kiln - your kitchen oven is all that you need. Easy to use, Porcelaine 150 lets you redecorate your household china in bright, cheerful...

Pébéo - Vitrea 160 - Kitchen Oven - 45ml

Price €5.80
GO GREEN WITH YOUR GLASSES… Saffron Yellow, Pimento Red and Turquoise are just three of the 35 brilliant colours in amazingly transparent, shimmering or frosted finishes from the Vitrea 160 range for decorating glass. Using a marker, a dimensional outliner or a brush and paint, you can...

C.KREUL - Hobby Line - GLASS COLOR PEN Marker - 160°C

Price €3.90
Hobby Line - GLASS COLOR PEN Marker - Brillant - 160°C. The water-based glass paint in a pen. In 12 brilliant color shades and 1 contour pen for very fine detailing (outlining). Ideal for use in combination with transparent GLASS COLOR. Color can be fixed at 160°C for 30...