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STAEDTLER - Elance 421 25 - Ballpoint Pen

Price €2.80
Refillable retractable ballpoint pen. Non-slip grip zone. Metal tip and push-button clip. High quality plastic jumbo refill. Indelible ink conforming to ISO 12757-2. Airplane-safe - automatic pressure equalization prevents pen from leaking on board aircraft. Line width M....

C.KREUL - ArtPen - Brush - 47961

Price €2.90
Highly lightfast and water-based ink. For nice writing and decorating. Suitable for wood, carton, linen and paper. With 4 different tips for 4 different stroke widths. Ideal also for graphics and illustrations, plans or layouts. The brush tip is very flexible like a brush....

Nerchau - Textile Art - Fabric Paint Pen - Black

Price €2.90
Textile Art Fabric Paint Pens from Nerchau are pens for decorative colour designs on natural or synthetic fibres. The slanted "2 in 1" multi-functional tip enables (line width from 2 to 5 mm) the painting of fine lines and contours as well as the colouring of large areas. Thanks to the...

LYRA - AQUA BRUSH DUO - Fine-Arts Felt-Tip Pens - 12 Pieces

Price €24.90
AQUA BRUSH DUO is a fibre pen with a brush effect for artists, designers, and for amateurs of all ages. The fibre tips are extremely strong and do not fray. There is a broad tip on one side, which allows brush-like techniques. Fine lines and drawings are easy to create using the other side of...