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LYRA - AQUA BRUSH DUO - Fine-Arts Felt-Tip Pens - 12 Pieces

Price €24.90
AQUA BRUSH DUO is a fibre pen with a brush effect for artists, designers, and for amateurs of all ages. The fibre tips are extremely strong and do not fray. There is a broad tip on one side, which allows brush-like techniques. Fine lines and drawings are easy to create using the other side of...

MILAN - 50 Fibrepens Conic - Transparent Briefcase

Price €18.00
Conic tipped (Ø5mm) fibrepens with a strong and resistant tip. The tip can be used to draw fine lines (0,75mm) or thicker lines up to 3mm, their tips makes them ideal for both smaller drawings and larger works such as mural posters. The ink used is water-based and produce bright colours...

STAEDTLER - Elance 421 25 - Ballpoint Pen

Price €2.80
Refillable retractable ballpoint pen. Non-slip grip zone. Metal tip and push-button clip. High quality plastic jumbo refill. Indelible ink conforming to ISO 12757-2. Airplane-safe - automatic pressure equalization prevents pen from leaking on board aircraft. Line width M....

Faber-Castell - PITT® Artist Pen - Brush Tip (B)

Price €2.90
A total of 66 colors are available with "brush" tip. The PITT® artist pen with a brush point is available in wallets of carefully coordinated color assortments suitable for different types of use. The ink in the PITT® artist pen dries rapidly upon contact with paper, so that it does not...