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Cléopâtre - 'Cléocol' - Strong & Neutral PH Glue - 100gr

Price €4.20
Made originally in the 1930s for binding and framing work. Cléocol is a white, pH neutral, polyvinyl glue. Faster and more powerful than vinyl glues, it does not crinkle the paper and sticks to all porous materials. It is currently used for activities such as cardboard work, binding, cardboard...

APLI - Silicone Glue - 100ml

Price €5.80
Does not contain methanol. Manufactured in compliance with UNE-EN 71 standards part 5 on toy safety. Especially recommended to efficiently stick EVA foam, plastics or derivatives, paper and cardboard. It does not stick instantly, so placement can be corrected. School use and children's handicraft.

UHU - Kraft - Allcraft Glue - Without Solvent - 50g

Price €6.90
UHU All Purpose Adhesive Power, the solvent-free powerful universal adhesive in the special, soft, handy and unbreakable "Flex + Clean" plastic tube. Ideal for sticking materials with even slightly porous surfaces and large areas indoors. Can be used in single-side bonds (wet bonding) or in...

UHU - Patafix - 80 Glue Pads

Price €4.20
UHU Patafix is a repositionable, reusable adhesive for quick and clean bonding, to attach small objects to virtually any surface such as walls, furniture, windows, etc... UHU Patafix provides thousands of uses all around the home, school and office. Dermatologically tested. Materials :...

APLI - Glue for Fabrics - Textiles - 80ml

Price €5.70
Special glue for fabrics, 80 ml. An ideal adhesive for all sorts of fabrics, felt and also to stick costume jewellery and other decorations to cloth. Flexible joints without stitching. The adhesive is completely transparent when dry. Can be washed at up to 40ºC and ironed. It is recommended to...

Montana Colors - MTN PRO - Contact Adhesive - 400ml

Price €12.00
MTN PRO Contact Adhesive is a film forming aerosol product that possesses immediate, highly adhesive properties. Formulated from adhesive resin mixed with aliphatic solvents, it provides strong adhesion. In addition, its valve system comes with a cap that is adjustable to 3 positions, making...