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A1 Active Composite - Bronze Powder - 1kg

Price €88.00
Various metal powders, like iron, bronze or copper powder, can be added to A1 to create metal effects. Rust effect : Add the same weight of iron powder as the weight of A1 Powder used when preparing the A1. Once the iron powder has been mixed, it will be ready for use in a...

Esprit Composite - Silicone Oil - 100ml

Price €8.90
Silicone oil is an adjuvant which in a proportion of 10 to 20% makes possible to thin the condensation-type silicone elastomers. This can be useful to reduce bubble formation in large cast molds or to reduce shore hardness RTV (13 shore with 10%) and thus allow the release of very strong...

Esprit Composite - White Alginate - 1kg

Price €29.00
White alginate. Footprint on the body, reproduction models, prototypes... The alginate is made of natural materials, it is not harmful and is safe for the skin and can be used by children. Easy to use and economical, alginate allows the realization of a mold in minutes. Very precise. One or...

A1 Active Composite - High Shear Mixing Blades - 35mm

Price €29.00
The High Shear Mixer is the ideal tool to use when mixing A1. The mixer is available in two sizes (35mm and 65mm) and can be attached to a drilling machine. The mixer has been developed specifically to ensure that A1 Power and A1 Liquid are mixed together properly. Clean the mixer with water...

DAS - Paper-Mache - Powder - 1kg Pack

Price €16.00
Creative modelling with DAS Papier-mâché. A world of creativity. From masks to set design, let loose your imagination any create anything you want with DAS Papier-mâché! The cellulose-based, wood powder mix just needs water to make a paste, and is very easy to work. It is an ideal substitute for...