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Angelus - Medium - 4OZ - 2-Hard (Plastic Medium)

Price €12.90
Do you need to paint plastic or other hard surfaces? Then Angelus 2-Hard is the perfect item for you! When mixed with Angelus Acrylic Paints, this product will allow the paint to adhere to non-porous surfaces such as plastic or glass. Angelus 2-Hard promotes adhesion and film...

Angelus - Medium - 1OZ - Duller

Price €11.90
Angelus Duller is mixed with Angelus Paint in order to reduce the amount of shine in the paint. Perfect item if you want the "Matte" or "Flat" look. We recommend mixing no more than 5-8% duller into your paint solution.

Angelus - Medium - 4OZ - 2-Thin (No Color)

Price €12.90
2-Thin is perfect when you need to thin out our Angelus Leather Acrylic Paint. It keeps your shoe paint from clumping on a mesh surface, and it's great when you're using airbrush for your customization. For airbrush applications, we suggest using a 1 part 2-thin to 4 parts paint...

Angelus - Medium - 4OZ - Leather Preparer and Deglazer

Price €7.90
All purpose cleaner and stripper for leather articles. Excellent for use in prepar­ing leather for dyeing with Angelus Leather Dyes. Product can be use to de-glaze factory finishes from shoes, purses, holster, and saddles. Leather Pre­parer & Deglazer will tend to strip...