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Pébéo - Poster Paint in Tubes - Student Gouache - 20ml

Price €1.95
Smooth, fine paste making application much easier. Primary colours are perfectly balanced permitting an easier understanding of mixing techniques. Dilution : can be used on its own or diluted with water. Can be strongly diluted. Surfaces : heavy paper, cardboard, bristol board, wood,...

GIOTTO - School Paint - Gouache - 250ml Bottle

Price €2.90
New Giotto Schoolpaint, the new ready-to-use paint that washes easily off hands and clothes, so there's no need to worry about mess. It comes in bright, intense colours that are totally safe, and easy to apply and mix together, ensuring a smooth result. It's supplied in the original...

GIOTTO - Glitter Paint - Extra Quality - 250ml Bottle

Price €5.95
Brilliant artwork with the eight colours of Giotto Extra Quality Glitter paint! Make your paintings sparkle with the 8 glitzy colours! With millions of sparkles this paint is easy to apply and is ideal for special art projects at school or home. Water-based with safe colours...