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Creat'AIRPLAC - Balsa - Wood - Sheets

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Characteristics : The lightest wood in the world, Ochroma Lagopus a.k.a BALSA grows and reaches a height of 18 to 20 meters for a diameter of 50 to 60 cm in 5 or 6 years under an altitude of 700 meters. Produced in tropical America, Amazonia, Ecuador, the wood is then converted in...

CANSON - Polystyrene Foam Board - 70x100cm - 1.5mm

Price €9.95
For daily use, these lightweight panels are made of a white expanded polystyrene core, compatible with all kinds of solvent-free adhesives. CFC-free, it does not yellow over time. The Polystyrene Foam Board is used for all creative activities (decoration, models, manual work...)...