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STAEDTLER - Mars® Micro - Mechanical Pencil

Price €4.50
Mechanical pencil for drawing and writing. ISO colour coding. Non-slip rubber grip zone. With metal clip, push-button and tip. Pocket-safe thanks to retractable metal lead sleeve. Cylindrical lead sleeve, ideal for use with rulers and templates. Cushioned lead for high level...

STAEDTLER - Mars® Technico 780 C - Leadholder

Price €6.20
Leadholder for drawing, sketching and writing. For 2mm leads. With metal clip, push-button and grip zone. Lead pointer integrated in push-button. HB lead. Integrated lead pointer : Simply remove the push-button, insert the lead into the metal opening and sharpen.

STAEDTLER - Graphite 925 25 - Mechanical Pencil - Premium Design

Price €16.50
Mechanical pencil for writing and drawing in premium metal design. With ISO colour coding on push-button. With adjustable hardness degree indicator made of aluminium. With non-slip aluminium grip zone. With aluminium barrel and push-button. With rigid, cylindrical metal lead sleeve, ideal...