Dry / Soft Pastels

Dry / Soft Pastels

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Cretacolor - Brown Chalks - 12 Pieces

Price €12.00
These unburnt Brown and Grey Chalks guarantee brilliant, lightfast colors due to their natural pigments. No matter if you use rough surfaced or smooth paper, each technique has its own appeal. By mixing the Chalks, smudging and dissolving with water you can produce a multitude of artistic...

SENNELIER - Extra Soft Pastels - 40 Half Pastels

Price €58.60
Exceptional brightness. It took over three years, at the turn of the 20th Century, to formulate the Sennelier range of Extra Soft Pastels "à l'écu" and thus to create one of the largest chromatic range of pastels. Throughout the century, this range of tones has evolved, but the heart of...