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Faber-Castell - Drawing Set - Goldfaber Graphite

Price €11.80
The Goldfaber graphite pencil is a versatile graphite pencil for drawing and sketching. These graphite pencils convince with their good writing performance. The hexagonal shape and the break-resistant lead with the typical Faber-Castell SV bonding make them an ideal companion during drawing and...

JOLLY - 2 x Graphite Pencils - Lead HB - With Eraser

Price €1.60
Graphite pencils from JOLLY give perfect results when drawing or writing thanks to their high quality graphite leads. Available in several degrees of hardness, they offer the right solution for every application at school. The tried and tested JOLLY pencil is a universal pencil which is well...

Faber-Castell - Graphite Pencil Castell 9000 - Tin of 6

Price €11.40
6 pencils Castell 9000 in hardness grades HB, B, 2B, 4B 6B and 8B. Ideally suited for artistic and high contrast work. Environmentally safe water-based coating. Extra break-resistant due to SV bonding. Available as individual pencils or in various assorted sets.

Faber-Castell - Set of 12 Graphite Pencil Castell 9000 - Art Set

Price €19.80
CASTELL 9000 - a genuinely classic pencil - was launched by Count Alexander von Faber-Castell in 1905. Its quality and finely graduated degrees of hardness have made it a firm favourite with artists and illustrators. Its lead is fully bonded with the wood surround and is therefore particularly...

LYRA - Big Graphite Crayons - Box of 24

Price €46.90
Even sketches become masterpieces with Lyra Graphite. Sketching and background shading is now easier and more fun thanks to Lyra non-soluble graphite crayons. Available in three different grades (2B, 6B and 9B), they're ideal for artists who take care over shading.