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Pébéo - Poster Paint in Tubes - Student Gouache - 20ml

Price €1.95
Smooth, fine paste making application much easier. Primary colours are perfectly balanced permitting an easier understanding of mixing techniques. Dilution : can be used on its own or diluted with water. Can be strongly diluted. Surfaces : heavy paper, cardboard, bristol board, wood,...

Pébéo - Studio Gouache - 10 x 20ml & 1 Brush - Starter Set

On sale! Price €17.00
For illustrators and students ! Because it can be reworked at will, gouache is the studying paint for excellence. Thus Pébéo has designed a range dedicated to students : Studio Gouache . Fine, opaque and highly pigmented, it is also perfectly suited to work in illustration and...

MILAN - Finger Paint - Case of 6 Bottles of 100ml

On sale! Price €18.00
MILAN finger paints have excellent consistency and are ideal for working directly with the hands. These opaque paints cover well, enabling children to use them in all sorts of art works. The six colours in the range are bright and shiny. Drying time depends on the thickness of the...