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GIOTTO - Vinyl Glue - White - Vinilik Duo - 35gr

Price €1.80
Giotto Vinilik Duo: your go-anywhere double-tip glue. A handy new tube of vinyl glue with two tips: one for precision work and one with a comb for easy spreading with no waste. GIOTTO Vinilik Duo is perfect for gluing paper, card and cardboard, wood and ceramics, felt and other materials used at...

Giotto - Vinylic Glue - School Applications - 40g

Price €0.90
White PVA glue, translucent once dry. Sticks paper, cardboard, bristol board, crêpe paper, wood... Dryes quickly. Fine spreading cap, which guarantees a regular flow to achieve clean and precise pastings. Easy washable with water on hands, tables and most of fabrics. Solvent free formula.

C.KREUL - Hobby Line - Handicraft Glue - 80ml & 250ml

Starting at Price €3.80
Handicraft glue. Suitable for many materials such as paper, cardboard, textiles, felt, velvet, leather, cork, wood, dried and silk flowers, Styrofoam®, and many plastics... Apply the Hobby Line glue on to clean and dry surfaces. Press together the glue parts. Solvent-free....