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DAS - Paper-Mache - Powder - 1kg Pack

Price €16.95
Creative modelling with DAS Papier-mâché. A world of creativity. From masks to set design, let loose your imagination any create anything you want with DAS Papier-mâché! The cellulose-based, wood powder mix just needs water to make a paste, and is very easy to work. It is an ideal substitute for...

GIOTTO - Acrylic Paint - School - Glossy - 500ml Bottle

Price €7.80
Freedom to create at school, with Giotto acrylic paints. Safe and usable with any medium! These ready-to-use acrylic-based paints are especially designed for children, and so completely safe and ideal for any application at school. The paint contains a special resin that makes...

GIOTTO - Gelik - Gel Glue - Tube of 30ml

Price €1.35
Paper, card, photo paper... you can glue it all with Giotto Gelik. Ideal for all precision jobs, Giotto Gelik is solvent-free, easy to use, and especially suitable for children, both at home and at school. It comes with dosing cap to ensure maximum safety and cleanliness.

GIOTTO - Glitter Paint - Extra Quality - 250ml Bottle

Price €5.95
Brilliant artwork with the eight colours of Giotto Extra Quality Glitter paint! Make your paintings sparkle with the 8 glitzy colours! With millions of sparkles this paint is easy to apply and is ideal for special art projects at school or home. Water-based with safe colours...

GIOTTO - Patplume - Modelling Dough - Pack of 10 x 50g

Price €9.80
Small ideas take on great form with Giotto Patplume! It's the latest generation of plasticine, soft and easy to work, ideal for kindergartens and younger primary school children. Gluten-free, it can also be used in complete safety by coeliac sufferers. Ideal for making small objects, the...