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UHU - Creativ' Plastics & Miniatures - Plastic Glue - 33ml

Price €5.00
Cold welding formula. PROPERTIES: Strong cold welding formula. For many hard and soft plastics. Fast bonding. Colourless. Made in Germany. SUITABLE FOR: Attains an excellent bond strength on numerous types of plastics such as polystyrene and high impact polystyrene types (ABS, SAN, SB, ASA), PVC...

UHU - HART - All-Purpose Glue - 35g

Price €6.90
UHU HART is a crystal-clear, fast drying adhesive for assembling small parts in model building, for handicraft work and for household tasks. Particularly suitable for balsa wood and other wooden materials. UHU hart is also suitable for stiffening and sealing the surface of materials. Dries hard....

UHU - HART - Glue for Model Building - 34ml

Price €7.90
Special adhesive for assembling small parts in model building. PROPERTIES: Crystal clear. For assembling small parts in model building, handicraft and for general use at home. Particularly suitable for balsa wood and wooden materials. Sets as a hard film suitable to reinforce weak areas....

UHU - Kraft - Allcraft - Flex + Clean - Transparent - 42g

Price €6.90
Transparent adhesive with exceptional adhesion. Fast and super strong. Can be processed under water. "FLEX + CLEAN" plastic tube : clean, drip-free and practical. Particularly suitable for visible glue joints and transparent materials. Elastic, largely UV-resistant and does not...

UHU - Kraft - Allcraft Glue - Without Solvent - 50g

Price €6.90
UHU All Purpose Adhesive Power, the solvent-free powerful universal adhesive in the special, soft, handy and unbreakable "Flex + Clean" plastic tube. Ideal for sticking materials with even slightly porous surfaces and large areas indoors. Can be used in single-side bonds (wet bonding) or in...

UHU - Patafix - 80 Glue Pads

Price €4.20
UHU Patafix is a repositionable, reusable adhesive for quick and clean bonding, to attach small objects to virtually any surface such as walls, furniture, windows, etc... UHU Patafix provides thousands of uses all around the home, school and office. Dermatologically tested. Materials :...

UHU - Universal Contact Adhesive - Super Strong - Gel - 42g

Price €4.00
PROPERTIES: Bonds immediately Super-strong Suitable for materials under stress Universal Liquid Moisture and frost resistant Simple to use Resistant to temperatures between -40°C and +70°C SUITABLE FOR: Ideally suited for surface bonding or laminating of many materials that require immediate...