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MILAN - 50 Fibrepens Conic - Transparent Briefcase

On sale! Price €18.00
Conic tipped (Ø5mm) fibrepens with a strong and resistant tip. The tip can be used to draw fine lines (0,75mm) or thicker lines up to 3mm, their tips makes them ideal for both smaller drawings and larger works such as mural posters. The ink used is water-based and produce bright colours...

MILAN - Cushion Cleaner

Price €5.60
Elastic cotton cushion containing 120g of fine MILAN eraser dust. Designed especially for cleaning and restoring documents and artwork. Size of pouch: 10 x 6.5 x 3.6 cm. Instructions: 1. Squeeze and gently shake the pouch until eraser powder appears.Form a fine layer over...

MILAN - Finger Paint - Case of 6 Bottles of 100ml

On sale! Price €18.00
MILAN finger paints have excellent consistency and are ideal for working directly with the hands. These opaque paints cover well, enabling children to use them in all sorts of art works. The six colours in the range are bright and shiny. Drying time depends on the thickness of the...

MILAN - FLEXIBOX of 12 Coloured Pencils - Big Lead

On sale! Price €6.00
Hexagonal colour pencils with lead protection system (anti break). The Ø3,3mm lead provides a smooth stroke, with which it is very easy to fill spaces and produce details. The wood used comes from plantations and it is resistant.