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BOTZ - Batt Wash - 9010 - Trennmittel - 800ml

Price €22.00
BOTZ 9010 batt wash. Absorbs flowing off glaze drops without damaging the kiln plate. Apply batt wash in 3 thick coats on dust free surface. Each coat must have dried thoroughly prior to application of the next coat. Before first firing, let the kiln plate dry thoroughly. Can be...

BOTZ - Brush-On Glazes - 1020 at 1060°C

Starting at Price €12.60
BOTZ Flüssigglasur, brush-on glazes for the glazing range 1020°-1060°C. Stir the glaze thoroughly and apply the first coat on clean, dust-free biscuit ware with a brush before processing. Every glaze is finely tuned and has its individual consistency. Apply a second coat when the first...

BOTZ - Engobes - 900 at 1100°C

Starting at Price €9.40
BOTZ Engobes for the 900°-1080°C firing range. Easy-to-use work with liquid engobes. Can be applied to any clay drying condition. Affordable 200ml and 800ml jars for easy handling. Clear painting and brilliant colours. Stir the engobes thoroughly before...