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LUKAS - Acrylic Impasto Painting Gel - 250ml

Price €8.00
Acrylic Impasto Painting Gel, Gloss Milky white acrylic structuring gel for sculpture/relief painting with distinctive 3D effect; dries glass clear with a gloss surface, is flexible and remains resistant to ageing; to be added to artists acrylics to increase their consistency, structuring...

LUKAS - Acrylic Retarder - 125ml

Price €12.00
Medium, which retards strongly drying and skinning of acrylic colours, depending on amount added. Particularly suitable for 'wet-on-wet' technique. Aqueous solution of various humectants, additives.

LUKAS - Acrylic Structuring Gel Fibre Mix - 250ml

Price €12.50
Creamy, milky-white acrylic structuring gel with flexible synthetic fibres; dries to a transparent shining surface with wool-fibre effect; can be mixed with acrylics or can be over painted when dry. Synthetic resin dispersion (pure acrylate), fillers, additives.