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  • Brand: Pascal Rosier
Pascal Rosier - Mousse Polyuréthane Rigide - Kit 2kg

Pascal Rosier - Rigid Polyurethane Foam - Kit 2kg

Price €68.90
The rigid polyurethane foam has a free density of 45-50g/l, it is prepared in a ratio of 100 part A, for 117 part B by weight and 100 part A per 100 part B by volume. It is very useful for making molded parts when looking for great lightness or buoyancy. With a very good impression accuracy, it...
Pascal Rosier - Mousse Polyuréthane Souple - Kit 2kg

Pascal Rosier - Soft Polyurethane Foam - Kit 2kg

Price €52.60
The soft polyurethane foam is very useful for the realization of flexible objects, mannequins, puppets, costumes, accessories, dummy weapons, animated volumes, special effects etc... A density of 40-42g/l in free expansion, 45g molded. It is blended in the ratio of 100 parts of component A to...