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CRETACOLOR - Art Sticks - Nero - Extra Soft

Cretacolor - 6 x Art Sticks - Nero - Extra Soft

Price €8.70
Whether you prefer working with sepia, sanguine or Nero, these classic artists’ sticks guarantee a top quality, intensely rich stroke thanks to their high degree of pigmentation. They are extremely well suited not only for sketching and drawing but also for experimenting with new techniques and...

Cretacolor - Karmina - Classic Colored Pencils for Artists

Price €0.95
These highly lightfast, permanent artists color pencils have soft, richly-pigmented leads which produce bold, vibrant color tones. They are ideal for applying various techniques, e.g. superimposing, hatching, frottage, blending and combining with other media, etc. Intense and vibrant...

Global Solutions - Sealing Wax / Seal / Ink Kit - "Bee"

Price €16.95
How to make an impression Seal : Trim wick so it is flush with wax. Using a lighter, soften wax for 10 seconds. Gently push wick onto paper so a small amount of wax gets on the wick. Relight Wax : Drip 10-15 drips into a pool. Push the lit end of the wax stick directly into the pool...

Cretacolor - Marino - Aquarelle Pencils - 12 Colors - Tin Box

Price €16.50
This Fine Art Quality Watercolor Pencil captivates by its brilliant colors, soft stroke and highest lightfastness ratings. Its true distinction reveals itself, however, when dissolved with water : clear lines flow into smooth transitions to produce stunning watercolor washes. The colors are...