Fine brushes must be properly maintained for them to work properly and to ensure they have a long life. The cleaning method depends on the type of paint used and the nature of the bristle or fibre. Here is some useful advice :


Water colours and gouache :

Water colour brushes made out of fine Kolinsky Sable or Squirrel hair may simply be cleaned in tap water. Traces of colour can also be removed with soap, followed by rinsing with clean water.


Oils :

Solvents such as turpentine or white spirit need to be used to remove oil colours from fine bristle or hair brushes such as Kevrin.


Acrylics :

Since acrylic colours are irreversible once they have dried, it is important to be vigilant and to clean paintbrushes made out of synthetic fibre, Kaerell or Sepia, in water immediately after each work session and sometimes even while working due to the speed with which they dry. Special drying-retardant products may be used.



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