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Spellbinders - Tool n' One

Price €14.40
Spellbinders® Tool 'n One is a crafter's dream - all your tools at your fingertips. It is a portable tool that performs multiple craft functions, including piercing, paper removal and many more! In addition, it provides a unique storage solution. The Tool 'n One attachments are housed within the...

Spellbinders - Ink Pad - Acid Free - Celebrations - Cotton Candy

Price €4.90
Unique hybrid ink, blending dye and pigment inks into one ink pad. Providing the best of both worlds, they can be used in all types of surfaces such as paper, fabric, wood and acrylic. Just heat set on non-paper materials to become permanent. Comes in 12 ink colors plus black. Approximate Size:...
Glycérine pour Savon - 250g - EFCO - Naturel Glycérine pour Savon - 250g - EFCO - Naturel

EFCO - Glycerin for Soap - Natural - 250g

Price €7.80
The new transparent soap made of only vegetable raw materials is the ideal DIY material for young and old! Absolutely no handling problems: Simply heat the required amount of soap in the microwave (300-400W, or set to defrost for 3-10 min.), or on the hotplate in a water bath or in the...

Efco - Deko-Ice - 40g & 190g

Starting at Price €3.90
For the decoration and patterning of various surfaces such as cardboard, polystyrene, wood, metal, glass, ceramics, etc... Easy to use, Deko-Ice is available in 10 different colors. Combining them with each other, you will get new shades ! Be inspired...
MODICO - Custom Stamp - M Serie - M3 - 49mm x 15mm

MODICO - Custom Stamp - M Serie - M3 - 49mm x 15mm

Price €26.50
The modico® M-series is the reliable assistant in the office every day. Very high quality components and a perfect finish guarantee a long seal life and precise printing. With an ink pad, you can make up to 20000 prints - naturally indelible. Figures up to a size of 98x69mm can be reached easily.

Modern Options - Set 118ml (2 x 59ml) - Patina Green Set

Price €23.00
To obtain a patinated appearance: Apply a coat of brass, gold, light or dark bronze after brushing the bottle with a brush, Allow to dry for 10 minutes before applying a second coat, apply the patina solution before the second coat dries (brush, cloth, or spray), leave it on and...