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EURO-TEC - 10A - Compressor

Price €397.00
EURO-TEC 10A (160050): Well priced mini compressor for beginners. Oil-free, i. e. no maintenance necessary. Utilisation of airbrushes with nozzles...

EURO-TEC - 20A - Compressor

Price €495.00
EURO-TEC 20A (160020): Extremly quiet! Utilisation of airbrushes with nozzles up to 0.3mm nozzle. Automatic switchoff. Suction capacity: 17 liters....

EURO-TEC - 50A - Compressor

Price €1,100.00
EURO-TEC 50A (160040): The jumbo! For utilisation of airbrushes with nozzles up to 1.2mm nozzle (Colani). Ideal suitable for airbrush training...