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Pébéo - White Bristles - Oil, Acrylic & Gouache

Pébéo - White Bristles -...
Starting at Price €3.50

These very firm and robust brushes are the ones most often used for oil and acrylics painting techniques. Natural thick rooted pure white bristles. Anodised aluminium ferrule. Long handle, clear lacquered. Brush head shapes: round and flat. Quality: firm, robust, flexible, holds a large quantity of paint. Uses: oils, acrylics, gouache and...

TRI STAR - Synthetic - Golden Taklon - Flat

TRI STAR - Synthetic -...
Starting at Price €1.10

SYNTHETIC - GOLDEN TAKLON - ALL TECHNIQUES: Varnished wooden handles green and black, aluminum ferrule golden rust. Ideal compromise between flexibility and nervousness. Excellent brushes for creative leisure.

Raphaël - Kevrin+ - 8772 - Oil

Raphaël - Kevrin+ - 8772 - Oil
Starting at Price €7.80

Ref: 8772. Kevrin. Shape: Filbert. Fibers: Kevrin. Usage: Rounded shapes, soft edges, glazes. Natural fibres. Kevrin offers the resistance of an extra fine bristle combined with the precision and the elasticity of Sable. A fine, natural, very oily and responsive hair like Sable. Also very pleasant to use when decorating wood.

FM Brush - Dynasty® - Micron - Mini-Brushes for Details

FM Brush - Dynasty® -... FM Brush - Dynasty® -...
Starting at Price €4.30

Micron by Dynasty® - For Your Most Detailed Work - Affordable and Durable Mini-Art Brushes. Applications: All paint mediums... The Micron by Dynasty® Series allows you to bring to life your most detailed art work. Each brush can be used to achieve a high level of detail in your most meticulous project. Made from the finest synthetic hair with strong lacquered short handles and seamless...

FM Brush - Dynasty® - Gold Taklon

FM Brush - Dynasty® - Gold...
Starting at Price €1.50

Gold Taklon Seamless Nickel Plated. Brass Ferrules. Short Black Lacquered Handles. Applications: Oil, Acrylic & Tempera Painting. Script, Liner, Fan, Angle, Flat, Filbert.